Joint Sealants for Asphalt & Concrete

PHOENIX 2K Sealants are specifically designed to seal concrete & asphalt joints against penetration by water, frost, chemical- and fuel spills. This specially formulated, two-component compound prevents erosion or disintegration of roads and concrete structures, protecting them for decades.

Types of PHOENIX 2K Sealants  
  • PHOENIX 2K JointSeal – for standard horizontal concrete seals.  
  • PHOENIX 2K ThixSeal – for angled or vertical concrete joints.  
  • PHOENIX 2K FastSeal – especially formulated for airport and asphalt use.


PHOENIX 2K Sealants are designed to perfectly adhere to the substrates of the asphalt and concrete while remaining stable but flexible - even in severe climatic conditions and temperature ranges. The bitumen modified polyurethane sealants can withstand decades of heat and UV stress without decay or loss of adhesion.


The benefits  
  • Cold application – safe, clean and inexpensive  
  • Full adhesion - seals completely  
  • Lifetime flexibility throughout the temperature range  
  • No shrinkage or re-filling  
  • 40+ year lifetime  
  • Proven track record – in use for many years around the world


Areas of application  
  • Car parks
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Waterway canals  
  • Airport taxiways and aprons
  • Runways

PHOENIX 2K Sealants are applied using two-component pumps and a static mixer to ensure complete mixing and setting of the compound. This specially designed range of application equipment can be custom-made to suit the application or project and to optimize application speed and quality. A closed system ensures that no dust or dirt enters the compound during application. When finished, the static mixer is fully disposable, no cleaning is necessary.


Curing time is just a few hours, which means disruption to traffic or the structure’s normal use is minimal.


PHOENIX 2K Primer can be used in combination with PHOENIX 2K Sealants to ensure optimum bonding between substrate and PHOENIX 2K Sealants.



PHOENIX 2K Sealants come in either 10 or 20 litre cans directly from stock.


Worldwide support


PHOENIX INTENATIONAL A/S provides worldwide technical support and backup. We have a full application support team ready to train and assist our customers whenever necessary. One supplier – one support team.


Choosing PHOENIX 2K Sealants ensures optimum asset protection, minimum project time and superior quality joint seals. Its ability to remain flexible and maintain an impenetrable barrier has meant that it is in use all over the world – often for decades.

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PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S  provides solutions worldwide. Whatever your anti-corrosion, sealing or joint protection needs, PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S will have the products and expertise to provide a cost-effective, flexible and extremely long-lasting solution. Global coverage means just that – we will provide on-site consultancy, application/installation and service anywhere in the world. Our products are grouped as steel pipeline protection, cable joints seals, joint seals, concrete pipeline protection. Steel pipeline protection is bitumen-based corrosion protection has been used by the oil & gas industry for decades onshore and offshore, the reason being that pipelines need protection that must be corrosion-resistant, strong, flexible, durable – and cost-effective. Bitumen based coatings have been used as a protective sealant for hundreds of years, and some pipelines coated with BE over 50 years ago are still in use. The company’s pipeline related products include complete coating systems for steel pipes, repairing existing pipelines, coating of field joints and corrosion protection of concrete pipelines.
PHOENIX 2K Resin is a cable joint seal that forms a water-tight seal by curing around cable joints like a single molecule, whilst bonding perfectly with a variety of cable materials. This unique two compound, bitumen-modified polyurethane actively repels moisture and water giving total corrosion protection for decades. Specifically developed for underground joints, PHOENIX 2K Resin is tried and tested. Joint Sealants for Asphalt & Concrete comes in two variants - PHOENIX 2K Sealants are specifically designed to seal concrete & asphalt joints against penetration by water, frost, chemical- and fuel spills. This specially formulated, two component compound prevent erosion or disintegration of roads and concrete constructions, protecting them for decades. PHOENIX 2K ConCoat - A highly chemical resistant, cold spray applied, two component polyurethane system for internal/external corrosion protection of concrete pipes and other concrete structures exposed to harsh environments. The system protects the concrete from decay and substantially extends service life.