PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S is the group`s Danish-based mother company. The company was originally formed in 1907 and has been involved in the construction, road and corrosion protection business for more than 100 years. Over the years the company has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the road, pipeline and construction industries.
PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S coordinates the marketing, production, purchasing, sales, and research and development activities of all its international subsidiary companies.

Pipeline Related Products and Services:
The company’s pipeline related products include complete coating systems for steel pipes, repairing existing pipelines, coating of field joints and corrosion protection of concrete pipelines.

Water proofing products for the construction business
The company produces waterproofing membranes, shingles, mastics, joint-sealants, moulding compounds, liquid waterproofing and emulsions for the construction industry

Road/Asphalt products
The company also has a line of high quality products for the road industry and is involved in road construction through its various subsidiaries.

2K products
PHOENIX 2K resin is used to protect high voltage cable joints against corrosion and moisture ingress. These specialist products are unique and used by the industries´ underground transmission specialists, and approved for high voltage joints.
PHOENIX 2K Sealants are specifically designed to seal concrete & asphalt joints against penetration by water, frost, chemical and fuel spills. This specially formulated, two-component compound prevents erosion or disintegration of roads and concrete constructions, protecting them for decades.
Both types of Phoenix 2K products come together with special application equipment which ensures easy and correct use of the product, thereby always ensuring a perfect end result.


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René Koch
Managing Director, CEO