Protective solutions for the utility arteries of a modern world

Pipelines, cables and roads are the arteries of the modern world. As such, they are exposed to every conceivable environment on the planet and need to be made from and protected by materials that must be corrosion-resistant, strong, flexible, durable – and cost effective.

As a world leader in bitumen and polymer based products for road, construction and corrosion protection systems, PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S has developed a range of well-proven products, from bitumen, modified bitumen and polymer based products, both asphalts and emulsions for road, and roofing and water proofing membranes for civil construction, primers, enamel, wraps and field joint membranes for pipelines, to flexible waterproof resins for high voltage underground cable joints and spray-on, fast-curing systems for concrete surfaces. All specifically designed to resist the worst the planet can throw at them.

Our goal is to develop protective solutions for the utility arteries of a modern world while meeting all market requirements for performance, flexibility and durability, and ensuring respect for the environment.

We will provide our customers with worldwide service complementary to our products which will ensure they derive maximum benefit from the use of our solutions.

We will fulfill our goal of becoming world leader, within our industry, through innovation, integrity and service.