PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S is a Danish-based company with global operations. The company’s origins date back to the road-building industry in 1907. Over the years we have accumulated extensive experience with bitumen and its outstanding water and corrosion resistant properties. In the late 1970s a special division was formed – Phoenix Pipe Protectors – specializing in corrosion protection for offshore oil & gas pipelines in the North Sea region.

The next twenty years saw the company gain a global reputation for high quality pipe coating systems particularly in the harsh and varied conditions prevalent in the Middle East, Malaysia, South & West Africa, the UK, Norway and the central Asian states.

PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S was formed in 2001 to specialize in developing and marketing a range of bitumen-based products specifically designed for pipeline and cable protection, and also for concrete surfaces and pipeline rehabilitation. In line with our dedication to quality, PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S holds the ISO 9001 certificate and all our products comply with relevant international standards.