PHOENIX 2K Resin is a cable joint seal that forms a water-tight seal by curing around cable joints like a single molecule, whilst bonding perfectly with a variety of cable materials. This unique two-compound, bitumen-modified polyurethane actively repels moisture and water giving total corrosion protection for decades. Specifically developed for underground joints, PHOENIX 2K Resin is tried and tested. Used for years on thousands of high voltage joints around the world, it has a proven track record and an extensive reference list.
Protecting the weakest link
Underground power cables are vastly expensive and must last for decades. They are under constant attack from underground environmental extremes. Water, moisture, acidic sediments, extreme temperatures, power overloads and surges or even geological stress during earthquakes are constant challenges to power transmission and distribution security.
Given the number of cable joints on a typical underground cable, a flexible and complete outer seal that stays intact is an absolute necessity. Protecting the weakest link becomes the highest priority.


Application of PHOENIX 2K Resin is quick, safe and clean due to a closed pump delivery system. The speed of application and cure allows fast re-energising of cables, saving on costly joint crew time and cable downtime, giving value for money.
Our expert pump service is as simple yet practical as the products themselves. The compact PHOENIX low and high flow rate pumps for metering, mixing and dispensing are part of a package provided on-site. These robust delivery systems can be used in varying conditions and ambient temperatures to achieve the ideal application speed and quantity for any given project.
The twin compounds are supplied in separate containers and mixing takes place in a static mixer, saving time, wastage and costs. And because PHOENIX 2K Resin is cold-applied and quick curing, on-site time is much less than with alternative solutions.

Fast & easy handling – a cold application which cures in just a few hours.
Lifetime flexibility – absorbs cable stresses throughout service life, with no cracking.
Excellent protection – bitumen modified PU for complete corrosion protection.
Long-lasting – 40+ year service life. Easy to apply – twin compound applicators ensure precise 1:1 ratio mix.
Excellent adhesion – to steel, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, wire sheaths, XLPE, PU & PEs.
Cost-effective application – rapid filling and curing saves on labor and cable downtime.
PHOENIX 2K Resin is tested and approved to ISO EN IEC 840 – a guarantee of quality.

Worldwide on-site consultancy
PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S offer worldwide hotline and on-site support for product application techniques. A complete consultancy service designed to optimize the use of our products, ensuring rapid application, long service life and a secure end to the job.
PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL A/S – World-leaders in bitumen-based corrosion protection systems. Quick and easy to apply, long-lasting, flexible, totally water proof … and cost-effective.