Steel Pipeline & Fitting Protection

Various corrosion protection materials has been used by the oil & gas industry for decades both onshore and offshore, the reason being that pipelines need protection that must be corrosion-resistant, strong, flexible, durable – and cost-effective. The development of new products is an ongoing process, controlled by the demands from pipe owners and pipeline design engineers.

Bitumen based coatings have been used as a protective sealant for hundreds of years, and some pipelines coated with BE over 50 years ago are still in use, and the system is still widely used today.

Due to ever higher demand for the corrosion protection materials, not least in terms of service temperature and handling capabilities, there have been a development of new high performance products, such as FBE, PU and liquid epoxy’s, which can now all be found in the Phoenix Group product program.

The company’s pipeline related products include complete coating systems for steel pipes internal as well as external, products for repairing existing pipelines, coating of field joints and corrosion protection of concrete pipelines.

Phoenix has over the years earned a reputation as a reliable supplier, always supplying top of the range quality products, and giving the best service available on the market, no matter where in the world the customer is located.

At the same time we are always open for dialog if any of our existing or new customers have a special requirement, and our R&D team is constantly working on customer based products, working towards assisting our customers to perform better.